REV Motion

Change, Fix, Save the World

Through ‘The Rescue Series’, the conservatories, the orphanage boarding schools, my music and my story, I hope to make a dent in this impossible venture we call ‘change’. I fully understand and accept how much hard work and ‘fight’ it is going to take, but I have dedicated my life to helping the world positively evolve.

The Rescue Series

Teaming up with foster based animal rescue organizations to provide shelters for overflow. Helping abused and tortured animals from overseas. Providing a ‘safe haven’ compound.


Dedicated to conserving wildlife; plants and animals. A rehab/breeding center for endangered animal species. Eventually, prohibiting ANYONE from tearing down forest or nature of any kind until my company evacuates all animals from the premises prior.


Obtaining land to build huge live in schools that will have development and growth programs. These will be dedicated to helping children recover from trauma and helping them prepare for college and a life of success!

The Rescue Series

This division of REV Motion is dedicated to rescuing animals. There are so many reasons animals need rescuing. Thousands of rescue organizations are foster based and/or are at capacity. Dogs are also sold as meat in some countries, and rescued/imported by some organizations here. There is also a forest in Turkey where thousands of people dump their unwanted dogs to starve and die. I plan to obtain thousands of acres of land to build shelters and compounds to provide a safe haven for overflow and victims of abuse.


Did you know, there are more tiger rugs than tigers now? Not only are tigers, other big cats, whales, elephants and birds endangered, but humans wipe animals out like it’s nothing. Take a look at the Amazon: The coal miners burn down the forests without even evacuating the animals first. Not only will we fight against poaching, but we will also evacuate all land before it gets torn down and relocate the animals to the REV Motion conservatories.

Orphanage Boarding Schools

I believe, the biggest way we can change the world is to secure the world’s future. Children are the future and I plan on opening ‘boarding school’ type orphanages. Huge campus’ with therapy and developmental programs. Through these schools, fosters and homeless children can have a permanent home. Not only providing family and support, this schooling system will set each child up for the future; providing them with the skills and knowledge to succeed. There will be preschool through 12th grade. I plan to build the colleges as well. Each child will graduate from 12th grade and transfer to the college.